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Spirit of the League This is a RECREATIONAL, NON-CONTACT league; a FOR-FUN, super-sportsmanlike version of the game. Competitive players are encouraged to choose a different league in which to play. Please review RCSSC's Conduct Policy before registering.
League Format Each week teams will play one game in one hour against the same opponent. Any time left after your game can be used for additional practice! All games are self-officated, though RCSSC staff will be on-site at all times to protect player safety, help with the rules, and pump up the fun factor.
*Note* RCSSC reserves the right to make this a hat league (individuals play with a different team each week, teams determined rinkside prior to each game) should registration numbers make that the best option for member experience.

Number of People on Ice

No gender minimum required for this sport, we do recommend at least 1 female and at least 1 male, 4 players total.

Recommended Roster Size

4-5 players. 


The Roseland Curling Club will supply rocks and brooms.
Members are welcome to bring their own sliders (click for an example). See RULES for regulation equipment details. *Sliders are optional.* Lots of players who are new to the sport prefer NOT to use a slider. The slider makes the ice even more slippery (a benefit when exiting the hack, throwing the stone).

Age & Waivers All players MUST be 19 years of age or older, no exceptions.
All players MUST sign a waiver before playing, no exceptions. Signing the waiver on-line is super easy, just follow the steps during registration & checkout.


          Curling Rules        

1. Pre-Game – Spirit Points, Equipment, Game Time, Defaults, Fields

Play that is competitive, overly aggressive, rough and/or unsportsmanlike such as pushing, shoving, elbowing, shouldering, tripping, hacking, slashing, sliding, tackling, ball blasting, chirping, name calling, threats and intimidation, is prohibited and will not be tolerated by RCSSC.  RCSSC IS FIRST-AND-FOREMOST-FOR-FUN. ANY ROUGH OR PHYSICAL PLAY WILL RESULT IN IMMEDIATE EXPULSION FROM THE GAME, THE LEAGUE, THE CLUB AND/OR ALL OF THE ABOVE.  All players should go out of their way to avoid contact with other players and/or eliminate actions or behaviours that could jeopardize player safety.  If accidental contact occurs it is expected that players will apologize for that contact, ensure everyone is alright and stop the game to seek appropriate help as required.  THIS RULE SUPERSEDES ALL OTHERS!

Spirit Points: An integral part of all the sports that the Rose City Sport & Social Club offers. It is based on the primary focus of the RCSSC, which is sportsmanship and to have FUN...NOT on competitive and aggressive sport.

Equipment/Set-Up: RCSSC Game Coordinators or facility staff will provide brooms and the rocks for each game.  Teams are welcome to bring their own brooms and a slider. All players are responsible for bringing CLEAN indoor shoes. Boots, outdoor shoes, or large chunky shoes are not acceptable – only those with proper footwear will be allowed to play.  In addition, RCSSC’s Game coordinator will keep score when possible (ie. Only one game played at a time).  If the RCSSC Game Coordinator is unable to keep score, we ask that each team select a player to assist in keeping score.

Game Time/Defaults:  

  • Please arrive 15 minutes early so that you can start your games on time.
  • Games are 2 hours in length, and 8 ends are to be played in that time.  Please agree on one person to act as timekeeper.
  • Teams are comprised of four (4) players, however a team can play with 3 players. There are no gender requirements for curling, however we strongly encourage teams to be co-ed.
  • A default will occur if any team cannot field the minimum requirement of players by 15 minutes after the official start time. A team of more than four people is allowed to have players sitting out each end, or having people on the team only throw one rock each.
  • Captains may agree to waive the rules regarding minimum players, and should be decided before the game starts. IF IT IS AGREED THAT THE GAME COUNTS, IT COUNTS!

2. In Game – General Rules, Tiebreakers & Playoffs

General Rules:

  1. Teams score 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, 0 for a loss and –1 for a default
  2. Teams alternate throwing rocks, throwing 2 rocks each team.
  3. The rocks must completely cross the hog line to stay in play.
  4. Throwers must release the rock before the hog line.
  5. If a rock hits the sideboard or the sidelines, they are out of play.
  6. Only one team can score points for any given end. The team with the closest rock to the center scores one point. This team can score additional points for each rock that is closer to the center than their opponents’ closest rock.
  7. A team can only begin to sweep the oppositions rock(s) once it has completely passed the T-line (the line that intersects the house). Only one sweeper can sweep past the T-line per rock.
  8. All curlers MUST wear clean shoes on the ice, with either clear tape on the sliding shoe or a slider. People who are right handed wear tape or a slider on their left foot and vice-versa for left handed people.
  9. Please do not hit the ice with brooms.
  10. Please do not crash the rocks on the ice
  11. Have Fun!

Tie Breaker rules (for Playoffs only)
If a playoff game ends in a tie at the end of regulation time, a tie breaker will be played to decide a winner. The tie breaker will be as follows.

A draw to the button will be used to break a tie. The team whose rock is closest to the button will be deemed winner.

Coin toss: The team winning the coin toss will decide whether they will curl first or second.
ii. Each team will decide on 4 players to take part in the tie breaker. 1 person to throw, 2 sweepers, and 1 "skip" who will direct the shot. The positions should be chosen at the time of the coin toss.
iii. The first team will throw their rock. Both teams (+ a neutral player from another team) should agree on where the rock landed. The rock is then removed from play allowing the second team to shoot at an empty house. Both teams (+ the same neutral player) will agree on where the second team's rock stopped. If possible, a winner will be determined.
iv. If no rocks land in the house, the teams will repeat step "iii" until a winner can be determined. The same order should be maintained throughout the shootout.

3. Post-Game – Score Reporting, Spirit Points, Departure

Score Reporting:  Captains from each team are responsible for reporting or confirming game scores within 48 hours of the completion of the game.   Scores can be reported or confirmed via our website at

Spirit Points: Captains are also responsible for submitting a “Spirit” score for the opposing team each week.  This is done when the score is reported or confirmed on the RCSSC website.  Spirit points allow you to score your opponent based on your experience playing against them.  You can score them based on how fun they were to play against, did they show good sportsmanship, did they follow and know the rules, did they arrive on time etc.   All teams should shoot for PERFECT Spirit Points! 

Departure:  Each week after your game, it is important to leave the rink in a timely manner.   Teams could be playing after you and will need to get their game started on time.   It is also possible that the facility could be closing upon the completion of your game and all staff and RCSSC members will need to depart the building at that time. 

A PDF Copy of the Rules can be Downloaded here.


This league will play at the Roseland Golf & Curling Club.

***Location information is as known at time of posting.  Locations are subject to change at any time. Additional locations may be added to accommodate demand.***